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Terms and conditions

Delivery, delivery time and delay
Delivery is ex warehouse unless otherwise arranged and shipping is at customers cost and risk. We use GLS as shipper for orders below 30 Kgs. and standard delivery is within two days. Delivery times are approximate unless stated otherwise and there will be no recompensation from ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten in case of a delay.

Freight charges:
For Great Britain:
Sales (greater than) GBP 27: free shipping
Sales (less than) GBP 27: shipping GBP 14 + minimum fee GBP 8

For Euro countries:
Sales (greater than) EUR 35: free shipping
Sales (less than) EUR 35: shipping EUR 15 + minimum fee € 10

Payment terms:
For Great Britain:
Initial order larger than GBP 800: only COD or prepayment
Initial orders less than GBP 800: net 8 days
Following orders: 30 days net (no cash rebate)
Invoice is always sent by email.

For Euro countries:
Initial order larger than EUR 1000: only COD or prepayment
Initial orders less than EUR 1000: net 8 days
Following orders: 30 days net (no cash rebate)
Invoice is always sent by email.

Use e-mail to contact us and give a comprehensive explanation.
Remember to state who is your contact person and your account details for refunds.
Also remember to attach a copy of the invoice.
We arrange free pickup. Pack products carefully, we can not accept returned goods, in case of damage.
We inform you of receipt of returned goods and transfer money to your stated account.

ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is a wholesaler selling to companies only. We do NOT sell to private persons and the purchase possibilities on this homepage are only for registrered companies. The first time you buy from us you'll be supplying us with all relevant information needed for setting up an account, shipping goods and sending invoices. The given information can then be used to login at a later date as a returning customer.

For our customers the following terms are valid:

The stated prices are ex. VAT, freight, packing plus customs and other duties. We reserve the right to regulate the price due to currency fluctuations, salary and material increases, until full payment has been received, unless other arrangements have been made. Payment conditions are stated in the invoice. If payment is not made in full in due time we add 2% interest per broached month. The delivered goods remain property of ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten until payment has been made in full.

Offers and order confirmation
Offers are valid and binding for 30 days unless otherwise noted and offered subject unsold. If a customer wants special specifications that deviate from ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten’s standard specifications, this must be specifically expressed in writing. Else ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is not bound by these.

ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten advices our customers to the best of our knowledge and experience and with regard to information from the customer. ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten can in no way be held responsible, if at a later date a different solution would have been preferable.

Drawings and descriptions
The rights to all drawings and technical documents in relation to products or production of same, which are handed over to a customer from ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten before or after any agreement, belongs to ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten. Such material may not without prior permission be used for other purposes than installation, start-up, operation and maintaining products. Without prior consent from ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten the material must not be used, copied, replicated or in other ways made available for third person.

Molds and other tools, plus insurance
Customer's molds and tools are made at the customer's expense and kept by ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten as securely as possible for 5 years from delivery date. Maintenace of molds takes place in accordance with agreement and at customer's expense. It is up to the customer to have sufficient insurance coverage for molds and other tools. ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten does not use customers' molds and tools for anything else than producing the customer's products.

Returning goods
All standard goods may be returned within 14 days at no charge. If later than 14 days, ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten will charge a 20% re-stocking fee based on the price of the returned goods.

Goods that may POSSIBLY be returned upon agreement:
- Special and special order goods
- Broached goods
- Goods that were delivered more than 90 days ago

Goods that cannot be returned:
- Damaged goods
- Hoses and pipes in cut lengths

See under Delivery Terms for further information on returning goods.

ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten reserves the right – in a period of 12 consecutive months after delivery to the customer has taken place – to remediate or replace goods. Remediation or replacing goods can only take place if the customer has complained in writing immediately after delivery. The customer's expenses in connection with remediation such as loss of operation, revenue and other indirect losses cannot be claimed towards ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten.

Product liability
ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is only responsible for damage on goods or other services delivered from us, if it can be documented that the damage was caused by an error committed by ROYKON, including our employees. ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is not responsible for loss of operation, profit loss or other indirect losses at customer or third person. To the extent that we should be charged with responsibility towards third person, the customer is liable to hold ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten free from damage.

Other situations and disputes
As for other situations ordinary conditions according to Danish Trade Laws are valid.
The judicial relation between a customer and ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is also governed by Danish Law. Venue for disputes between a customer and ROYKON/ Fittings Specialisten is Sø- og Handelsretten in Copenhagen.