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Hose fittings for chemistry in different sizes and types

On this page, you find our wide selection of hose fittings for chemistry that all are especially suitable for work in the chemical industries. When it comes to connection types, our hose fittings for chemistry have either push-on connection or hose stud connection. In the category push-on, you find straight connectors, muffs, nipples, T-pieces and elbows with or without swivel. When you click on the category with hose studs, you find our selection of T-pieces, elbows, hose nipples, hose connectors and Y-pieces. You can choose between different types and sizes and therefore, there are good chances for you finding the hose fittings for chemistry that you need. The main part of our hose fittings for chemistry and chemical industries are from Tefen, who is one of the leading manufacturers on this exact market. If you have any questions regarding the different products, or if you need advice for finding the right solution for you, you are always welcome to contact us on +45 75 945 955 or


Buy hose fittings for chemistry in PVDF-plastic – a strong and durable material

All hose fittings for chemistry in each category are made of PVDF-plastic, which is an incredibly strong and durable material due to its high mechanical strength and its great hardness and tensile strength. The material is also very resistant to high temperatures and chemicals and are therefore often used in chemical industries, medical industries and in the food industries. Here, PVDF is used for, among others, valves, fittings and pipelines. Even though the material has a high chemical resistant and can be used with most acids, bases and solvents, you should be aware that it is not for contact with liquids with a pH-value above 11. Find the hose fittings for chemistry that you need on this page today.