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High quality PVC fittings

In this category, you find our wide selection of fittings made of PVC. We have more than 700 different products in this category, which, among other, includes glue fittings, threaded fittings, pipes, pipe clamps, valves and different accessories. If you choose our PVC fittings, you get high-quality fittings at great prices. We deliver PVC fittings to lots of different industries and always strive for being a one-stop-shop. Furthermore, we are always ready to help our customers with even the most difficult challenges within fittings. So, if you have any questions regarding our selection of PVC fittings or if you need help to choosing the right PVC fittings, you are always welcome to contact us for advice. You can either call us by phone +45 75 945 955 Monday-Thursday between 8am-4pm and Friday between 8am-2pm or write an e-mail to


PVC - a versatile and recyclable plastic material

All fittings in this category are made of the material PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is also known as vinyl and is a long-lasting plastic material that is great for use i lots of different industries. The material is primarily made of salt, which is why it is also is an affordable material. PVC is a so-called thermoplastic, which means that it will soften and become flexible at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures. It is also possible to add different elements, like for example plasticizers, to make the material as suitable for the purpose as possible. Lastly, it should be mentioned that PVC also is a very recyclable material. PVC can be recycled multiple times without losing any of its great qualities. Therefore, lots of PVC products also contains recycled PVC. This way, less CO2 is emitted, and energy is saved.