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High-quality bite fittings for the industry

On this page, you find our standard assortment of bite fittings for use in various industries. In our selection, you find a variety of hex nipples, check valves, screwings, T-pieces and elbows. Our selection is wide when it comes to thread types and thread sizes to cover most needs for bite fittings in various industries. Most of our bite fittings are made of stainless steel to ensure durable and strong components that fit most industries. Furthermore, you can also find bite fittings in different thread types and thread sizes. When you buy stainless steel bite fittings from ROYKON, you get strong components suitable for many different applications.


Bite fittings in stainless steel have lots of advantages

There are lots of advantages in choosing bite fittings made of stainless steel – especially if you are going to use the bite fittings in industries with high hygienic requirements or if you often clean all components very intensively. When choosing bite fittings made of stainless steel (AISI 316), you get bite fitting made of a very resistant material since this specific material is more resistant to corrosion than regular steel. This means that the bite fittings made of AISI 316 stainless steel are more resistant to rust, among other things. This is important in industries like the food industry where it is important having a constantly clean system to avoid contaminating the food products. Do you need bite fittings that are durable to high pressure cleaning, chemicals or high temperatures? Or do you need bite fittings for work with saltwater or acids? We have bite fitting in the highest qualities. Contact us by phone +45 75 945 955 or by mail – we are always ready to help you choosing the right bite fittings for your project.