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Fittings for chemistry

In this category you find all our fittings approved and suitable for industries that work with a lot of chemistry every day. In our selection you find, e.g., hoses, valves and couplings– all for chemical use. With chemistry fittings from ROYKON you are always ensured high quality, durable products that are approved for use in the chemical industry.



In the chemical industries it is especially important to use components designed for the high level of chemicals. One of the most materials for this is polyvinylidene fluoride, commonly known as PVDF. Our PVDF-fittings are resistant to most non-organic acids and bases, alcohols and halogenated solvents. Furthermore, they have a low friction, a very wide temperature range, good weather resistance og electrically isolated, which make them perfect for a lot of different installations. With our PVDF-fittings you get a unique thermoplastic that is specially fitted for very aggressive and highly specialized applications.


Tefen fittings for the chemical industry

In our selection of fittings for the chemical industry you mainly find fittings from the brand Tefen, which is one the leading brands on the global market. With fittings from Tefen you get fittings of very high quality with a lot of different certifications such as WRAS and NSF. Tefen is also certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, you can be completely safe buying your fittings at ROYKON.


Questions regarding fittings for the chemical industry?

Do you have any questions about our fittings for chemical use? Just send an e-mail to or call +45 75 945 955 during our office hours.