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High quality pipe clamps

At ROYKON AS you find a wide range of pipe clamps made of aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, regular steel and zinc. In our selection of pipe clamps, you find a wide range of products including aluminium and plastic pipe clamps from AEGI and stainless steel and regular steel pipe clamps from Mikalor. In our assortment, you find both single and double type pipe clamps, whether you need a pipe clamp for a single pipe or for two parallel pipes. Our pipe clamps are suitable for different purposes like welding and screw. Furthermore, we also have pipe clamps in lots of different sizes for assembly of everything from small iron pipes to bigger ventilation pipes. We have more than 600 different items in this category and therefore deliver pipe clamps for most installations.


Find pipe clamps for all purposes

Our selection of pipe clamps is wide regarding sizes and materials and therefore, it is possibly to find pipe clamps suitable for lots of different temperatures and purposes. ROYKON offers aluminium pipe clamps made by Italian AEGI with both regular pipe clip halves and pipe clip halves XL. Our plastic pipe clamps in strong materials come as double pipe clips sets, pipe clip halves, pipe clip doubles and pipe clip half doubles. We also have very durable steel pipe clamps in various sizes and corrosion resistant zinc pipe clamps with different thread sizes. Our stainless steel pipe clamps are especially suitable for industries with high material standards, like the food industry. It is important that choose the pipe clamps most suitable for your specific load and your specific environment. You are always welcome to contact us by telephone on +45 75 945 955 if you have any questions regarding finding the right pipe clamp for your needs.