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PVC pipe-thread fittings

PVC pipe-thread fittings

These PVC fittings are threaded and screw together.

U-PVC is basically one of the best plastic products used for pipe installations.

U-PVC has many good qualities. Fire retardant, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulating properties. It is resistance to chemicals and abrasion, is tasteless and smell less, which makes it ideal for use with potable water. Both the fittings and tubes are light in weight and made smooth, resulting in a great flow which reduces the deposit and storage of dirt.

U-PVC pipes can be used in the agricultural, irrigation, water supply, chemical installations, water treatment and in swimming pools.
U-PVC complies with the applicable standards in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, England, France and Italy, and can be used with pipes manufactured by the same international standards.

Glue standards: ISO 727, DIN 8063, KIWA BRL-K 17301, EN ISO 1452
Standards threaded fittings: 7/1 ISO, DIN 2999, BS 21, UNI ISO 228/1.

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