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Brass is an alloy (also known as poor gold gold in ancient people), which results from the mixing of copper and zinc metals, possibly with a smaller content of other metals. As material, brass is stronger and harder than pure copper and at the same time cheaper. The alloys are also easier to process, including by casting and cutting. They generally have good corrosion resistance.

Brass consists of 67% copper and 33% zinc. The copper / zinc blend ratio may vary depending on the brass, since the blend ratio and the content of other metals have an impact on the properties of the alloy such as, for example, melting point, hardness and resistance to chemical influences.

Braided brass for fittings
Lead brass is used in particular where machinability with cutting tools is significant along with corrosion resistance. The copper content is usually 53-65% and the color yellow. One of these alloys, automatic brass or free cutting brass, is used as a measure of the workability of other metals. Lead brass is used for sand and die casting as well as hot-pressing (forging) of valves, fittings and fittings, and not least in the form of rods for automatic rotation of machine parts and accessories.

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